Photography has been a part of my life since I was ten when I produced my first portfolio to satisfy the requirements for the Girl Scout Photography Badge. My Kodak Instamatic (I know, I'm dating myself) was one of my favorite companions.

Later, I studied photography during my time as an undergraduate at Georgia Tech. While earning a B.S. in Industrial Design, I worked as the assistant in the photography lab at the Architecture College. I spent many blissful hours in the darkroom enlarging prints and watching as those images appeared in the developing trays in front of my eyes. It almost seemed like magic!

I have explored many art forms including fiber arts, watercolors and glass torch work, but I have always returned to photography. These days, I love digital photography. The ability to take stunning photos and develop them on my Mac has opened a whole new world of creativity for me.

I love color. I love intensity. I love creating. And Fine Art Photography is my passion. I am able to do all four with a process called High Dynamic Range Imaging - HDRI. Most of the images you see in my galleries here are HDRI - the botanical Still Lifes, the Rock Art and the Landscapes. These shots are made using a technique that involves photographing multiple exposures and then stitching them together using special software. This process creates an effect that in some ways is closer to what our eyes are able to see, and in some ways also looks like a painting. But these are photographs. They're highly color saturated, intense photographs of nature brought into my studio or of nature that I go outside and find. 

It occurred to me recently that my artistic style has always been informed by my graphic arts training and HDRI allows me to create a sense of the graphic in my photographs. My goal is to push the envelope of creativity and color. I hope you enjoy these photos and much as I have enjoyed creating them.